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  Jun 7, 2016     Lamsong     linux  UPDATE: May 10, 2017

Record your desktop

linux desktop

Record your desktop on linux.

  • Create animated GIF images of a screencast.
  • Or output an video file.

0x00. recordmydesktop

apt-get install imagemagick mplayer2 gtk-recordmydesktop

On a terminal:

mplayer -ao null <video file name> -vo jpeg:outdir=output

Use ImageMagick to convert the screenshots into an animated gifs.

convert output/* output.gif

you can optimize the screenshots this way:

convert output.gif -fuzz 10% -layers Optimize optimised.gif


For a large number of images, the convert command took all my memory…(I stopped it before it completed)

0x01. byzanz

apt-get install byzanz

ONLY command line.

byzanz-record --duration=15 --x=200 --y=300 --width=700 --height=400 out.gif

0x02. winff

It will convert almost any video file that FFmpeg or avconv will convert.


If it tells you:

Unknown encoder 'libvo_aacenc'

please install libavcodec-extra (debian package)